DRUNK REVIEW: Ember Queen by Laura Sebastian (Ash Princess #3)

ember queen

Ember Queen by Laura Sebastian

Reviewed by Sam!

What I drank prior: So… I got promoted yesterday and I couldn’t really celebrate so instead i celebrated today. I’ve had glass of wine, a frose, a pineapple sangria, and two more glasses of wine. Yum

Goodreads Overview:

The thrilling conclusion to the series that began with the instant New York Times bestseller “made for fans of Victoria Aveyard and Sabaa Tahir” (Bustle), Ember Queen is an epic fantasy about a throne cruelly stolen and a girl who must fight to take it back for her people.

Princess Theodosia was a prisoner in her own country for a decade. Renamed the Ash Princess, she endured relentless abuse and ridicule from the Kaiser and his court. But though she wore a crown of ashes, there is fire in Theo’s blood. As the rightful heir to the Astrean crown, it runs in her veins. And if she learned nothing else from her mother, she learned that a Queen never cowers.

Now free, with a misfit army of rebels to back her, Theo must liberate her enslaved people and face a terrifying new enemy: the new Kaiserin. Imbued with a magic no one understands, the Kaiserin is determined to burn down anyone and everything in her way.

The Kaiserin’s strange power is growing stronger, and with Prinz Søren as her hostage, there is more at stake than ever. Theo must learn to embrace her own power if she has any hope of standing against the girl she once called her heart’s sister.

Drunk Overview: This is the final book in the Ash Princess series. A series that I thought I was going to hate and then was pleasantly surprised by. If you haven’t read them, please for the love of the gods leave. This is the finale bae. Or don’t, not your mom as Minda would say. Theo has just come out of the mines having survived what should have been a successful poisoning by Cress. Soren is with Cress. Cress thinks Theo is dead. Theo’s folks are tryna take back what’s theirs. Cress is LITERALLY batshit crazy but also lonely. K? K.

Spoiler-free Thoughts: This was a really good ending to a trilogy. I think I mentioned last time, the second book didn’t suffer from middle-book syndrome and this one didn’t suffer from finale syndrome. I really enjoyed this series. I’ve said this a dozen times but I was so ready to think that this series was going to follow the mold, and while in some ways it did, in the ways that mattered it didn’t.

Characters: I love my characters. Theo is such a fabulous heroine. She doesn’t get caught up in the emotions when it comes to making a decision. Does she break when she makes a decision that she knows will hurt some people (including herself)? yes. Does she let knowing that influence it, no. And I love that about her. SOREN is my son. He was raised in a world of hate. Told that he should be the best. And then he had the veil lifted and he saw the reality. It wasn’t an easy transition for him, but he took the time to educate himself and it made him a better person. What I wouldnt give for this country to do the same. Theo and Soren’s relationship is *chef’s kiss* amazing. Again, they’re not co-dependent. I love that. Cress is ike.. one of the best villains i’ve read in a long ass time. We understand her motivations, we understand why she does what she does AND we empathize with her. It’s crazy to me how an author can make that happen. A lot of authors try to make that happen but it’s tough when the hero is the POV. Theo empathizes, so we empathize and it’s the best. 

I can’t let this go without having spoken about our supporting case, Eric, Art, and so many others. THey are what make Theo great and she knows it and I love it. Her former bae…. who I can picutre in my mind btu his name escapes me… is fucking incredible. 

Gods blast it all I love them so much.

Plot: This was rather predictable. We knew how it would end. How we got there really didn’t matter. I do like where the folks ended up though. I like that she took the time to think through where each person needed/wanted to go and either made it happen or figured out something better.

Writing Style: It’s YA fantasy at its core. It’s not poetry.

World Building: This is the last book so we don’t get much more except about things that we were teased about. There was no new stuff that came out of no where to make the plot work, this was planned from the beginning and I loved it.

What to pair it with: This is a hot toddie with lemon. It feels liek something we know and its super comforting but it’s also sharp. It’s different enough to keep us on our toes

Rating: 3.75/6

COMMENT DOWN BELOW: Anyone else read this series? What did you think?

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,


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