DRUNK REVIEW: Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence

grey sister

Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence

Reviewed by Sam!

What I drank prior: So some pretty exciting family crap happened today. I learned that the hell hole that my anxiety has put my through during this tough time is over. Thank CHRIST. So, I celebrated. With wine. And two shots of fireball. and more wine.

Spoiler-free Overview: So this is the sequel to Red Sister if you haven’t read it, you’re gonna get some spoilers.

Alrighty, so this story starts about 2 years after the events of Red Sister. Nona has advanced to the next class, and so has her charge Zole. She’s still really hurt by what happened to Hessa and she seems to be carrying around this demon thing named Keot in her skin/soul. At the Abbey, she’s just trying to get by, working through her grief, maintaining friendships etc. MEANWHILE, shit is going down at a much higher paygrade. Poor Abbys Glass has her own political machinations to deal with. The Inquisition is messing around with her well laid plans! How dare? Anywho, they fuck everything up and Nona ends up being banished from the Abby and who better to go after her than my fave Kettle. Our lady Sherzal is still tryna take over the world and everyone has to figure that shit out. What’s going to happen? Dunno, you gotta read the book cause I’m drunk and I don’t want to tell you right now.

Spoiler-free Thoughts: I enjoyed the hell out of this book. I audio’d book 1, which was great, but I think I caught more by reading with my eyeballs insteaf of my ears this one. (Yes, Melinda, listening to audiobooks is reading too).

Characters: There are so many of our faves that have returned. Nona is hashtag broken, but she has this demon thing, Keot (who I fucking LOVE) telling her to literally kill everyone in her path. The poor thing is kicked out of the only home she knows, it was kinda shit but she had a found family there. She’s just trying to live her best life and also kill everyone who’s ever wronged her ya know? Then…. there’s Kettle, who I fucking ship with Nona. I know I know, Apple is her bae, but I WANT Kettle and Nona to be a thing. She’s so loyal and so smart. I just love her. we also get perspectives from Glass. Which is fab and it also gives us some insight into her thoughts and motivations. It was interesting to see how her mind works.

My new fave character Zole. OMG Zole. I love that this story is about but also def not about the Chosen One. We get to see her hate of the fame through someone else’s eyes which is just such a great perspective to have, esp after so many stories (cough Harry Potter cough) where we only get to see their minds bitching and moaning about how they hate the fame game. lol fame game.

Plot: It was super well written. Look, some stories are go go go, others are slow and then have a strong ending, some have an arc they follow. This one builds. It starts off slow, like… hi, i have an exam next week what am i gonna do? to DAMN WHAT THE FUCK?! It’s a snowball that was just so well done.

Writing Style: I loved it. What I loved most was the POV mechanism we had. Lawrence has a new way of not throwing us off by inserting a new POV in the middle of the story and it’s just so well done.


At one point, we have the shadow bond between Kettle and Nona that allows us to see into Kettle’s thoughts… I really REALLY hope that we get to keep that going…

Plus I think it was a great way to get another POV in without throwing the readers (lol that’s me) off.


World Building: I sort of love how I don’t really and truly understand the rules of this universe? It’s just great. I love that there’s still so much to learn about it just like there’s so much to learn by the people in the story. I like it >.>

In conclusion, I thin kthis was a super strong sequel and I just got approved on NetGalley for book 3 sooooo YAYAYAYAYAYAY I can’t wait.

What to pair it with: I’m thinking sangria. It’s got red wine, for the bloody battles, but also liquor to FUCK YOU THE FUCK UP.

Rating: 5/5 Shots

COMMENT DOWN BELOW: What did you guys think of this one? Also, share cat pictures because I’m in a GREAT mood and i wnat to be in a better one.

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

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