Drunk Review: Flunked by Jen Calonita


Flunked by Jen Calonita

Editor’s note: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

What I drank prior:
Rose, it was my last day at the job before the second ‘sabbatical’ of my life so I’m doing pretty well at the moment.

Spoiler-free Overview:

So I got this as an audiobook as I try to figure out what works for me in audiobooks vs a more traditional format.  This was a cute middle grade book about Gilly who is sent to the fairy-tale reform school after she was caught stealing too many times (for her family who is struggling – to make sure she is still seen as a good person).  At the school she makes some friends, deals with some reformed baddies turned teachers and sometihnga bout the big bad.

Spoiler Free Review:

I had to remind myself that this was a middle grade book as a number of the twists and turns were unnecessarily obvious.  This was still a really sweet book about overcoming adversity and dealing with not-ideal situations while in a fairytale setting.

Characters:  Gillly did have a surpising set of morals and the characters were cute archetypes.  I did wisha  little more depth ahd been given to the professors but as far as it goes, Gilly was written as a character that kids could identify with and root for and I think that was done quite well.  I think one of the twists witht eh school friend would have been a little bit better had the character been a little better fleshed outl.

Plot: The plot was pretty basic; girl goes to school and gets mired in a plan to defeat a big baddie.  Pretty much exactly what you would expect.

What to pair it with: Strawberry cosmo, basically candy.  Very sweet but also gone quicker than you might expect. It was an easy listen.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

COMMENT DOWN BELOW: Hope you enjoyed the review.  I’d love to hear your opinion when you read this book!


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