DRUNK REVIEW: Age of War by Michael J Sullivan

age of war

Age of War by Michael J Sullivan

What I drank prior: 5 vodka sodas… little food. I need an adult.

Spoiler-free Overview:
this picks up where the last leaves off. There’s an alliance with the elves (Fhrey) and the big bad ones are a’comin. Seph is tryna hold everyone together. Raithe is broody. Mawyndule is a bastard.

Spoiler-free Thoughts: 
This book made me cry so many times. Happy tears, SAD TEARS, all of the tears. I need the next one. Right now.

Characters: I seriously love Sullivan. He builds his characters as people I just want to be around. I want all of them. They’re well rounded, well developed, and all around excellent characters. Even the “bad guys” who we only know are bad guys cause we’ve read Riyria, are well developed. It makes you question everything you know. And I love it.

Plot: super fast paced but not so much that you feel out of breath you know?

Writing Style: Really really great. I always feel so drawn in by the way he writes. *sigh*

World Building: Ok for those of you who’ve read Riyria, you’ll start immediately seeing the parallels between these books and our beloved Royce and Hadrian. It’s so perfectly woven in, i love it.

***********SPOILERS BELOW*************



are the non-spoiler-y people gone?



Ok. HOW DARE YOU MICHAEL YOU CANT KILL OFF MY FAVORITE CHARACTER ITS NOT FAIR. I legitimately sobbed. Poor Suri. She didn’t need that. Not a second time. And SEPH? My heart aches for her. “Even now” SOBBING.

OH and Tesh and and Brin is the best ship ever.



**********END SPOILERS*****************
What to pair it with: Everclear, it hurts going down and it will fuck you up.

Rating: 6/5 shots

COMMENT DOWN BELOW: sorry, too busy trying to get my tears under control.

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

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