DRUNK REVIEW: The Tiger’s Daughter by K Arsenault Rivera

tiger's daughter

The Tiger’s Daughter by K Arsenault Rivera

What I drank prior: it’s trivia night and I had a bad day so I had at least 5 vodka sodas. Not the drunkest I’ve ever been but I’m happy.

Spoiler-free Overview:
ok so this is the life of two ladies. Shikuza and Shefali. They grow up together and figuring out who they are, what they want to be, and who they want to be with. It’s a Mongolian warrior inspired story and I loved it. There are demons in there somewhere too…

Spoiler-free Thoughts: 
so Sam from Thoughts on Tomes raves about this book but damn it’s amazing. The character development and the plot overlap in beautiful ways.

Characters: HOLY SHIT I LOVW THWM. Seriously, the development happens over several years, from pre-teen to adulthood and so we get to know why they are the way they are. Also, the romance? *fans self* amazing.

Plot: slow burning but still so captivating. I need more. The battle scenes were just as enthralling as the sexy time. Each event futher develops the characters and their world. I need more like I need air.

Writing Style: this book is stunning. You feel totally immersed into what’s going on at any time.

World Building: also slow but after seeing the synopsis for book 2 SIGN ME THE FUCK UP

What to pair it with: A dark lager. Savor the flavor while also getting wildly intoxicated.

Rating: 5/5 shots

COMMENT DOWN BELOW: Link me to your reviews of this book! I want to read what everyone else thought.

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

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