Mid Year Check In from Ginny

I haven’t been quite as active as normal due to this interesting year , but I wanted to give a quick run down of some of the books from this year that I didn’t get around to reviewing.

a princess in theory


A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole: This might be my new favorite romance novel.  The entire idea was what if the person behind the spam emails from a Nigerian Prince was actually a Nigerian Prince.  This book was absolutely hysterical.  The end might have been a bit rushed but you sure as shit know I’m getting the sequel when it comes out later this year.



Feed by Mira Grant: I flat out cried for half this book. Normally I’ve moved a little bit past the zombie craze but this one looked at it from an angle I would never have expected.  Its twenty or so years after the zombie breakout and George and her brohter Shaun are the bloggers chosen to follow around a presidential candidate.  Not only are they dealing with a zombie ridden world, they’re dealing with the changes in politics brought around by the catastropher.  Shaun and George are great and I loved the interplay of the diferent viewpoints.


the girlsThe Girls by Emma Cline: Do you ever read a book and just know it’s not for you?  This book follows a woman who in her youth kind of ended up in a cult.  The book follows along her younger self in the cult and her adult self years after the fact.  The problem is I felt like this book missed out on the parts of the story that could have been interesting.  The seemed to be no purpose in showing the modern day compared to the past.  And somehow a story about a sex cult that ended up killing some people ended up feeling fairly mundane… Which isn’t something I’d really like to pursue.


a closed and common orbitA Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers: I loved the first book in the series (A Long Way to a Small and Angry Planet) and I’m going to try to keep the description here vague so as not to give anything away.  This book is about an AI trying to learn how to live in an android body when it was designed for a completely different life.  This book is at times heartbreaking and beautiful.  It deals with space-age prejudices and has the same kinds of unique species that the previous book had, with a greater depth of cultural flavor.  Solid Choice though you would probably want to read the first book first.


head onHead On by John Scalzi:  I think someone else probably already reviewed this book, but man do I love John Scalzi.  This book is written in a matter of fact way, very conversational and without unnecessary description.  Also this book is truly hysterical.  Our hero has been physically paralyzed due to a disease but can inhabit a robot body and solves crimes.  The crime in this book deals with the possible murder of another robot user who died during a match of a brutal game where the heads are ripped off of the robot and used to score a goal.  A plus work here, and a very enjoyable read. Sam also did a full drunk review here.


without you there is no usWithout You There is No Us by Suki Kim: this is a memoir written by a woman who taught the children of the elites in North Korea.  It’s a pretty blunt look at the lives that are led by the wealthy while also looking at home living in such a controlling regime becomes normal.  While all that is very interesting, this book could have been much shorter and probably needed someone to straighten out the timelines becuase it was almost impossible to make heads or tails of when things actually happened.


That seems to be a decent summary.  And now I really should be going to bed.  I hope you all have a lovely night! or day





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