DRUNK REVIEW: A Scot in the Dark by Sarah McLean

a scot in the dark

A Scot in the Dark by Sarah McLean

I read SO SO SO many romance novels when I was a teenager. Of alllllll varieties. and I found out my jam was super historical and at least a 6 on the dirty scale. (Austen-esque almost kisses are for the weak.) I haven’t picked up a romance novel in ages til 2016 BookCon and Elizabeth Hoyt (who I lahv). This year, Sarah McLean is coming to bookcon and she’s got a boatload of historical romance, so here we are.

For my first foray into her work I picked this book because puns.

Synopsis: slightly older young miss gets herself into a world of trouble in London society and her older stupid hot guardian comes to save the day.(romance novels are not about originality but execution)

What I drank: my life roommate told me we could only celebrate our wedding anniversary, but sometimes I trick him into a dating anniversary dinner. Like tonight, which started w old fashioneds and declined rapidly. Now I’m writing drunk romance novel reviews and hes playing overwatch. Love is alive.

Non spoiler review
Here for it. Historical romance. Confusion and drama because of poor communication/inability to share. Brooding Scottish male protag. A female protag who is not-borderline-too-young. Sexy sexy times. Adorable dogs. Living for this book.

Romance novels have made some leaps and bounds in the decade(s) since i started reading them. You know what I haven’t seen in romance novels since 2016? Unhealthy relationships, emotionally abusive men, wilting flower women who are just totally cool giving up their sense of self, PLOTS, shitty sidekicks. These are BOOKS.

In this book’s case, both protags have some proper baggage they’re working through, it’s not just lust at first sight with the entire plot hinging on a simple miscommuncation. Girlfriend doesn’t just collapse under the pressure of her super shitty mistake, but tries to problem solve. Dude is kind of terrible at women, but in a real way and not in a clueless caveman way. And they’re surrounded by super strong couples who appear to be boning down just all the time.

(Speaking of…solid romance scenes. Solid.)

My complaints
-i wish we had more wardrobe description. When it’s there its very good, but we only get it with some outfits and not all
-this is a more general romance novel complaint–the male protag is REALLY yoked and HOW? What workout were all these dudes on in the mid 19th century that they’re all Joe manganiello look alikes?
-again, more romance novels in general, this plot takes place over…. 9 days. I know life expectancy is short but 9 days does not a romance make.

Overall, really enjoyed reading it, absolutely going to read other books in the series. 4/5 stars.

What I’d pair it with: I mean (fake spoiler alert) brobeans is Scottish and MAKES HIS OWN SCOTCH. Panty drop. So a high-quality Scotch.



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