GUEST POST DRUNK REVIEW: Fire and Thorns Series by Rae Carson

fire and thorns

Hey all, our good friend Linz got hammered and wrote a review for us!

Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson (Books 1 and 2)

What i drank: a buuuunch of wine

You down with minorities as leads? You like bomb descriptive language paired with solid plot and character development? You enjoy good goddamn books? Let me tell you about the first two books about the Fire and Thorn series.

Disclaimer that I have not read book three. It’s on my kindle as we speak. But I feel fully confident book three is as sick as books 1 and 2.

Why you should read:
– Females are strong as hell: there are some STRONG females of all ages and social class, including the non-traditonally attractive protagonist Elisa. She struggles with her body type but man do we get past just her focusing on that. Also she is a troll doll. Literally. She has a magic gem in her belly button. It’s the best.
– also the love story is/stories are pretty great 😍
– also female friendships where the friends don’t serve just to further the main character’s story/motivation. Amazing.
– While Euro-centric, the world we’re exploring is very Spanish/Hispanic, and I like some diverse lit. It’s Hispanic, right? Not Latino? I’m sorry, I always screw this up aaaaargh.
– Let’s circle back to this descriptive language. I never got mired in too much description, but Carson gives you more than enough to really see this world. The landscapes are gorgeously built. Also I have rarely been this hungry reading a book. Mango scones. Caramel sauces. Chicken stews. I am starving ugh.
– I feel a lot of fantasy books try to set up religion against magic, which is fine, but it happens so often I’m bored with it. To read a book that weaves the magic into the religion, and then creates this religious faction conflict storyline was refreshing.

What I would pair it with: haaaaave you met rumchata? You should. It’s the sweetness of horchata, which pairs with so many of the foods so deliciously described in this book–jesus I would murder for a churro right now. You’re welcome.

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