Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

What I drank prior: all of the beers. literally all of them in my apartment

Spoiler-free overview:
I won an advanced copy of this book through Goodreads and this is a free and honest review.

Okay. so how do i even begin to explain this book. There’s this orphan named Lazlo who is obsessed with a legend some mysterious world. Miraculously, the legendary race shows up and asks for help in a mystery that has plagued their people for over two centuries. Lazlo somehow manages an ivitation on this envoy. When he gets there thigns are not waht they seem.

ALSO, there’s this chick… Sarai… she lives in the legendary city… a daughter of a god… and no one knows she exists….


Spoiler-free thoughts:
Wow guys this book was absolutely stunning. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Laini Taylors other series A Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but this… I LOVED.

Writing Style: Laini Taylor has this wondrful way of sucking you in with her use of language. It sounds like peotry all the time. Its gorgeous and enticing and stunning and I ujst loved it.

Characters: Holy crap do i love them. I love the “heros” i love the villains i love the side characters i love the main characters i love them all. Lazlo is just an adorable dude who doesn’t learn wuickly or easily, but he works hard. Sarai is only trying to take care of her family and WOW her power is probably the coolest most unique thing i’ve ever read.
Other characters:
– Leader of Envoy: such great development over the course fo the book.
– Minya: well… just… again so well developed
– Feral: ugh
– Nero: haha… that name though…

World Building: How do i even begin to review this world. Its so unique. “Humans” have two hearts. Yeah you heard me. Two. One pumps blood, boring. The OTHER, pumps spirit… this clear crap that pumps through your body in the same manner as blood does. You can live without spirit but you’re boring then. Or something like that. It’s ridiculous. Like, it breaks a lot of world building rules but in such a great way. The POWERS the MAGIC SYSTEM its literally nothing you’ve ever seen. (and i’ve seen a lot)

Plot: It was incredibly well paced, not-super action-packed but still exciting. Learning about the world and about the characters are like.. the first half, but you don’t even notice. Seriously, you don’t. The love story doesn’t even START until like… 2/3 in. And it was super cute. I DIED in the end with that plot twist. I just… cant.

Again, no spoilers as the book doesn’t come out until March 28 and you can get it… here

What to pair it with: Really expensive Champagne.

Rating: 5/5 shots. Hands. Down.

I remain forever drunkenly yours,

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