DRUNK REVIEW: Happy Endings by Thien-Kim Lam

Happy Endings by Thien-Kim Lam

Reviewed by GGGinny

What I drank: Champagne. I’ve had a week where my brain was fighting me, and I figured I deserved a treat for making it through it successfully.

Goodreads Overview:

With her debut novel, Thien-Kim Lam serves up a sexy second-chance romance about exes with unfinished business. Whenworking together reignites their passion, will these former flames sizzle or get burned all over again?

Trixie Nguyen is determined to make her sex toy business a success, proving to her traditional Vietnamese parents that she can succeed in a nontraditional career. She’s made a fresh start in Washington DC, and her first pop-up event is going well—until she runs into the ex who dumped her. With a Post-it note.

The last person Andre Walker expected to see in his soul food restaurant was the woman he left behind in New Orleans. Their chemistry is still scorching, but he’s desperately trying to save his family restaurant from gentrifying developers. The solution? Partnering with his ex to turn Mama Hazel’s into a vibrator pop-up shop for hungry and horny clients.

Thanks to their steamy truce, both businesses start to sizzle and their red-hot desire soon reignites deeper feelings. But when Trixie receives an incredible career opportunity, will pride ruin their second chance at happiness?

Drunk Overview: Trixie is figuring out who she is and is building her brand and saving money to open up a sex toy shop when she runs into her ex-boyfriend, Andre, who happens to be a good friend’s brother. Andre is dealing with misplaced guilt about the death of his mother and is trying to make up a (really) shitty breakup to Trixie.

Drunk Thoughts: Trixie is a fun protagonist. I like the fact that she’s had to rebuild her life. Because in some ways she still feels like she’s on shaky ground, which feels very real

  • Meanwhile, Andre is a little too perfect outside of his obvious flaws (aka ultimatums and assuming your partner can read your mind).
  • Honestly, I think they fell back together a little too quickly. Now I recognize they decided to go with a FWB situation, but it still feels odd how quickly they came back together considering he had broken up with her via post-it-note.
  • But first, characters. The main characters, I’ve already talked about. The side characters on Trixie’s side are really well worked out. Her parents make sense (even though we mostly see them at a distance), her friends are great (and sidenote, they’re definitely going to be the focus of future books), and Andre’s sister (who is friend’s with Trixie and is therefore gifted a personality).
  • Meanwhile, Andre’s relationships/friends don’t really seem to matter. His mother is there only in spirit, his sister feels real (but see above), and his best friend seems to get a personality transplant whenever it’s needed…
  • So basically, I feel like half of the dynamics should have been a little more filled out considering Andre lived in DC for most of his life.
  • Which brings us to the location. This book took place in DC which means I spent way too much time trying to figure out where the locations were.
  • Minor thing, acting like a commute from DC to Falls Church is something that people would do daily… yeah… no. People are generally happy to commute to DC, but people in DC are way less willing to go outside of the city.
  • And yes, I realize that’s a super petty complaint. But still.
  • Regardless, I enjoyed a number of the DC references.
  • The plot… Now that I think back on it, there;s not much of a plot considering they keep sleeping togerh in places WHERE IT IS NOT HYGENIC TO FUCK!!!! Seriously. Do not fuck in the main room of a restaurant. That is gross for SO many reasons.
  • But legit, she wants to expand her business and gets an opportunity in a gentrified area, and he think he has the right to tell her what to do.
  • Frankly, it’s a bit mind-boggling considering a lot of things. And honestly, doesn’t quite fit Andre’s character.
  • Looking back on it this book also has a lot of telling not showing about how the two of them used to act together.
  • I liked the story (what of it there was) and I liked the overall characters, but I’m realizing it didn’t fit together as well as I would have hoped from a story like this.
  • Legit, if you’re in a FWB situation, why would you think you have room to create an ultimatum about a career move?
  • Apparently, I wanted to enjoy this book far more than I actually did.

What it Pairs With: Rum and Coke. Pretty basic, and maybe not as satisfying once you’ve tried a few more drink.s

Rating: 3/5

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