DRUNK REVIEW: Nolyn by Michael J Sullivan (The Rise and Fall #1)

Nolyn by Michael J Sullivan (The Rise and Fall #1)

Reviewed by Sam!

What I drank prior: Been trying to be drunk while also being sober enough to write a review and its not as easy as you would assume. I’ve had a bottle and a half of wine and I’m sorta concerned that I’m too sober? Which is dumb (Sober note: I was definitely 100% not sober)

Goodreads Overview:

New York Times Bestseller | Amazon Editor’s Pick | #2 Audible Bestseller

After more than five hundred years of exile, the heir to the empyre is wary about his sudden reinstatement to active duty on the Goblin War’s front lines. His assignment to rescue an outpost leads to a dead-end canyon deep inside enemy territory, and his suspicion turns to dread when he discovers the stronghold doesn’t exist. But whoever went to the trouble of planning his death to look like a casualty of war didn’t know he would be assigned to the Seventh Sikaria Auxiliary Squadron. In the depths of an unforgiving jungle, a legend is about to be born, and the world of Elan will never be the same.

From Michael J. Sullivan, the three-time New York Times, two-time USA Today, and three-time Washington Post bestselling author, a new adventure begins with the first book in The Rise and Fall trilogy. Although this series is set in the same world as the Riyria novels and the Legends of the First Empire books, no prior knowledge of the other works is required to enjoy this tale to its fullest.

Drunk Overview: This is the start of a new series by Michael J Sullivan, which is basically an in between the Royce and Hadrian books and the Legends of the First Empire series. This book, as you can probs tell, follows Nyphron and Persephone’s kid from LotFE.He’s like 800 years old. and he’s got someone after him. Also there’s his bae, who i can’t remember her name right now. She has a kid, and the kid is kidnapped by a mysterious voice and is told she has to go get the horn from the other series. As MJ Sullivan does, these two stories are def intertwined and things happen

Spoiler-free Thoughts: So while they say you don’t need to read the other eries for this to make sense, I feel like MJ tried too hard to explain what happened. Like There was probably a solid 50 pages across he book that were explaining the others and that was not necessary.

Characters: One of the greatest parts of MJ’s series are the characters. I LOVE Nolyn and the banter he has with his squad. I LOVE the lady (Syphron, I think). She’s so smart, and cares so much. Also she’s Moya’s daughter, which is fun. The side characters are literally amazing. The villain sucks (to me, maybe not to others). But like, yeah. The characters are great.

Plot: MJ knows his plots SO WELL. Like, I’m so happy with how this resolved. The stakes are real, and I always cry at this. Author’s endings. Super super fun. Especially when I’m on public transportation. Fortunately, due to COVID, i don’t have to be in public.

Writing Style: SO SO GOOD

World Building: Like i said, there was too much explanation of the previous series. But here we are.

What to pair it with: This is a sweet drink, like a dirty Shirley. But it fucks you up on the way.

Rating: 4.5/5

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

3 thoughts on “DRUNK REVIEW: Nolyn by Michael J Sullivan (The Rise and Fall #1)

  1. I got this ARC approved from Netgalley 2 days ago. It’s my first Michael J Sullivan book and I was wondering if I should catch up with other series before starting this one?

    PS : I haven’t read your review yet. I will come back to it once I finish the book!

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