DRUNK REVIEW: Flameskin by Camille Longley

Flameskin by Camille Longley

by GGGinny

**We received an early copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. We’d like to thank Camille for the opportunity. This book comes out on Nov 16th and you can get it here**

What I drank: well, today was shit, so a seltzer I drank on a hike, a few more setltzers and then some wine. A girls gotta treat herself after a panic attack because of an exam, right? Please agree with me, I need a win.

Goodreads Overview:

A cursed slave, a dethroned prince, and a heartless thief.

Lark is a flameskin slave, cursed with terrible powers and unable to escape her life of pain. When a smuggling job goes wrong, Lark is abandoned by her slaver to be killed or captured. She is given a chance for freedom, but it comes at a steep price.

Soren can no longer stand by and watch the usurper empress destroy his home, but all his efforts to help his people only create more chaos. When an invading army breeches the empire’s border, Soren is left with a besieged city to save and his honor to salvage.

Maku returns from his long journey overseas to rescue the girl he loves, or at least, the girl he used to love. Maku’s been extinguished—fire has burned away all his emotions. He has one last heist to pull off, but it’s a job that may endanger the one person he’s trying to protect.

This world of treachery and magic and will be sure to leave readers burning for more. Perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Sarah J. Maas

Drunk Overview: lark is a slave, Soren is a prince. Their paths barely cross but they cross enough. Lark is infiltrating a town/stronghold as ordered by her slave master, hoping her boyfriend/bosses son can buy her freedom. Soren is too noble for his own good and stayed to see people to safety because the Saints are useless and the country is being attacked. (Good luck understanding what I just wrote. Because even having read the book my summary was shit)

Drunk Thoughts:

  • I didnt quite connect to the characters in this book the way I did book zero.
  • That being said, I did enjoy them evem as I was frustrated by them.
  • Also I love the conceit of a book being set far enough in the future that previous books become lore.
  • Literally, one of my favorite things in fiction.
  • I didnt really get the relationshil betweem Lark and her quasi-bf Maku.
  • It made sense wgen they were children but over time people change.
  • Overall, I really liked Lark as a character, even if it was clear some of her arc was doomed from the start.
  • Poor soren was overshadowed by his family. I WANT A BOOK OF EACH OF HIS SISTERS
  • this is gonna sound odd, but I especially want a book from the “dumb sister” if she doesnt show up more in the future, Im going to cry
  • A lot of it comes down to, one person complaining about responsibility when the other is enslaved makes it hard to pity the person with responsibility
  • I wnjoyed the world building and how it grew from the previous books.

Rating: 4/5

What I’d pair it with: fireball and hot apple cider

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