DRUNK REVIEW: Chimes at Midnight by Seanan McGuire (October Daye #7)

Chimes at Midnight

Chimes at Midnight by Seanan McGuire

By Ginny!

What I drank prior: I went to Metro Cooking Dc and sampled a bunch of beer, wine, and ciders. It was amazing!

Goodreads Overview:

Things are starting to look up for October “Toby” Daye. She’s training her squire, doing her job, and has finally allowed herself to grow closer to the local King of Cats. It seems like her life may finally be settling down…at least until dead changelings start appearing in the alleys of San Francisco, killed by an overdose of goblin fruit.

Toby’s efforts to take the problem to the Queen of the Mists are met with harsh reprisals, leaving her under sentence of exile from her home and everyone she loves. Now Toby must find a way to reverse the Queens decree, get the goblin fruit off the streets–and, oh, yes, save her own life, since more than a few of her problems have once again followed her home. And then there’s the question of the Queen herself, who seems increasingly unlikely to have a valid claim to the throne….

To find the answers, October and her friends will have to travel from the legendary Library of Stars into the hidden depths of the Kingdom of the Mists–and they’ll have to do it fast, because time is running out. In faerie, some fates are worse than death.

October Daye is about to find out what they are.

Drunk Overview: man this book was exactly what I wantrd after the exciting events of yhe last book. Toby is dealing (surprisingly gracefully) with het new relationship, and not so gracefull with her oncoming eviction from the Queen. Trying to find a way to stop the banishment was fascinating. The way this series has grown to include bits and pieces of information that become relevant later is *chefs kiss* perfect.

Spoiler-free Thoughts:

Characters: the overall growth of the characters is fun. This book points out how much Quentin has grown from the first book on (starting with his opinion on the partial Fae and more) and also I SUPER CALLED A BIG TWIST! The relationship with Toby and Tybalt is all I hoped it would be with its nuance, depth, and general emotions. Im sighing forever about how much I ship them.

Plot: fucking wild. Honestly at the point Toby was being exiled I had no idea where it was going to go. This book series is starting to feel a little like a comic book with the wealth od characyers that can pop in and out and how it feels like there is so mich going on in the universe. The travel over the city and the introduction to the library (swoon) was such a delight (especially considering the addition of nearby retail).

Writing Style: nice. I love McGuire’s writing but I still don’t have much to add here.
World building: pretty freaking fantastic.


the changing betweem Tobys various states seemed a little bit overblown to me. For something that was such a big deal even teo books Go it was a little frustrating to see it become such an easy change. I did really enjoy the goblin fruit coming to fruition. Weve heard so much about it that it was interesting (if a little bit terrifying) to finally have to deal with the consequences.

What to pair it with: some sort of dessert wine. Maybe port. The sheer overwhleminf sweetness of it.

Rating: 4.5/5 Shots

– Ginny

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