Weekly Wrap Up: Nov 18-24, 2019

Hello boozie readers!


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Sam’s Updates

Damn, the last two weeks are a blur but I am at mama’s for Thanksgiving now and that makes my whole life better.

What Sam read this week:

the burning white

  • TOME: The Burning White by Brent Weeks: This is the finale to the Lightbringer series and it’s the best. I AM SO EMOTIONAL OH MY GOD. This is up there as one of my favorite fantasy series of all time. The ending did not disappoint. Drunk review coming.

What Sam’s currently reading:

  • A Heart So Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer: This is the sequel to A Curse So Dark and Lonely which I didn’t… love. I loved it until the end. I’m forgetting how annoyed I was by the end and how much I really didn’t want it to continue. So here’s to hate-reading the rest.
  • Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo: I’m still in the first chapter of this. Listening on audio so we’ll see how it goes. Linz wrote a review that’s coming soon.

Linz’s Updates

Jesus I can’t wait til Thanksgiving is done and we can get to Christmas.

What Linz read:

  • The Gifted School by Bruce Holsinger: Privileged people are terrible? Also I kinda saw the twist coming but it wasn’t bad. Probably more hype than it deserves.
  • The Nanny by Gilly Macmillan: Thriller about privileged white people in England and a murder. Again, privileged people are terrible. No one’s terribly likable and the secondary plot is a little too bonkers, but it would make a decent beach read. This was my first novel by this author, so I found it pretty interesting that a LOT of people on Goodreads were saying this has been their least favorite book by her.

What Linz is currently reading:

the night country.jpg

  • The Night Country by Melissa Albert: The sequel to The Hazel Wood is amaaaaazing, and thank you Netgalley for the chance to read an advanced copy! (Ginny wrote a review for book 1)

Ginny’s Updates:

Hey all, im on the train doing this on my phone so Im going to do this quick and dirty.

What Ginny Finished:

  • The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander Smith: this book was a delight though the end. A mystery (that solved quite a few of them) was well rooted in Botswana and had a lot of personality. 4.5/5
  • The Winter Long by Seanan McGuire: 8th book in the Toby Daye series. Builds beautifully off of previous books. Gonna review.
  • Destiny’s Surrender by Beverly Jenkins: 2nd book in a series set in New Mexico that features a diverse cast. This was great and also featured crazy chemistry. Really enjoyed Ms. Bev’s books. 4/5
  • Chaos Choreography by Seanan McGuire: 5th book in the InCryptid series. We return to a Verity story after two books on Alex. Verity returns to professional dance before things are ruined by a cult. Gonna review.
  • The Martian by Andy Weir: i reread this book every year because I like the story and it reminds me to be hopeful about humanity. Twas time. 5/5

What Ginny’s currently reading;

  • Scrum. Ha, havent touched this
  • Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff:  I was reading this for Tome Topple and didnt get through nearly as much of it as I hoped. Its also the last book in the trilogy so Im going to try to savor it.
  • The Wedding Date by Jasmime Guillory: this was on a list of fun romances and so far it has delivered. Its not particularly graphic but the main characters chemistry is pretty fantastic.

Minda’s Updates

No update from Minda this week

Until next time, we main forever drunkenly yours,

Sam, Ginny, Linz, and Minda

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