Weekly Wrap-Up: June 24-30, 2019

Hello fellow boozie readers!

Sam’s Update:

What a week. Work was shit but I had so much social fun time and I feel invigorated. This extrovert needed her people time. It’s also Medieval-a-thon!!! Check my TBR here.

What Sam finished this week:

simoqin prophecies

  • The Simoquin Prophecies by Samit Basu: Good LORD this book took me entirely too long and I’m not happy about it. It’s not that bad I just wasn’t in the mood and then the potential wasted was disappointing.84 years

What Sam’s reading now:


  • Medieval-a-thon Cape: Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix by Julie C. DaoThis is the follow up to Forest of a Thousand Lanterns. Linz reviewed this second book here. I’m enjoying this far more. I didn’t like FoaTL because the MC was so so very unlikeable and not in the good way. Following Jade is far more interesting. Though, I feel like we’re going to get the repetitive gotta-catch-em-all trope but we’ll see. –
  • Medieval-a-thon Sword: The Heartwood Crown by Matt Mikalatos: I am about halfway through this book and I’d forgotten what an ABSOLUTE DELIGHT this world is. I loved book one, here’s my review of The Crescent Stone.

Ginny’s Update:

Hi everyone. I’m super tired because it was a good weekend and I got a lot done but this week might hurt a little bit. Luckily a bunch of good things have happened so at least it’s happy rambling.

Currently Reading:


  • Becoming by Michelle Obama: I put this book on hold like six months ago. I am fucking pumped! Michelle Obama has this beautiful lyrical way of writing and I can’t wait to read more.
  • The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep by H.G. Parry: This is a book that Sam picked up and let me read before her (hahaha) because we have been flooded with books which is really the best problem in the world to have. Charley can read fictional characters into the world. Rob, his older brother, feels responsible for helping him put them back. But it turns out there are a bunch of fictional characters living out in the world and there’s a mysterious evil force too. I’m enjoying this so far. I’m pretty sure I know what the twist is gonna be, but I’m looking forward to getting there.

Finished: (Editor’s Note: Good lord Virginia…. )


  • The Brazen and the Beast by Sarah MacLean: I’m not going to bother with a summary here. I like the way the heroine goes about getting her independence and really enjoyed her as a character. I felt the Whit was a perfectly fine hero unless he was talking about his creepy brother. That as a plotline didn’t super interest me. I liked the (relatively) diverse representation in this book and enjoyed the world building. 3.5/5 
  • After the Crown by K.B. Wagers:  The first half of this book was a little bit rough, but the second half took off like a shot. I’ve written a review of this one. Keep an eye out for it!
  • All Systems Red by Martha Wells: This is one of the murderbot books and I know both Sam and Parker have read them and loved them so it should come as no surprise that I loved it too! This book is all from the point of view of a cyborg that has been leased out to an exploratory group as security. They realize partway through that ‘murderbot’ is partially human and might freak out. Meanwhile there are some weird things going on and boy way this fun. Still might write a review but this was definitely a 5/5
  • Magic For Liars by Sarah Gailey: Imagine Harry Potter if the teenagers were more realistic dicks and everyone was pretty damn hormonal. As a murder mystery this functioned really nicely, I liked the blend of traditional ‘noir’ tropes with magic and the fantasty tropes that tend to show up there. Planning on writing a review so keeping this short.
  • The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan: This was a novella and was super short, but it added a little bit of background to one of her existing series. It was fun to watch the way the propriety of the past could be used as a weapon in both directions. Very fun, and the way consent was handled was ridiculously great. 4/5
  • The Bride Test by Helen Hoang: Gotta admit, I’m still not super sure how I feel about this one. I really enjoyed the Kiss Quotient (Linz reviewed this!) and was really looking forward to this. It’s mostly, I’m not sure I really truly believed the love story between ‘Esme’ and Khai. I enjoyed their individual story lines (the fact that Khai getting better about recognizing his own emotions being tied back to family really got me) but I felt there was a lot of telling rather than showing in the deeper emotional moments. Still, it was a perfectly fine read. 3.5/5


  • The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner: I don’t even remember when this book went onto my TBR. Honestly, the beginning of this book reminded me of the Goldfinch which won a ton of goddamn awards and was a fucking slog to get through. I’m not the biggest fan of misery for miseries sake. And that’s probably a harsh description of this book. All I know is that the back and forth through time storytelling aspect didn’t work for me when multiple vignettes include characters who were mind-numbingly frustrating. Between Bookcon and ALA I have so many books I desperately want to read and not nearly enough time. I didn’t feel the need to push my way through this one.

Minda’s Update:

Work trip this week then the lovely Sam’s birthday trip, so this may or may not be a big reading week, but here’s what’s on the agenda!

What Minda finished:

wilder girls

  • Wilder Girls by Rory Power – This book is pretty gruesome and descriptive, but in a good way. Just make sure you are in the mood to have your skin crawl! Release date is July 9—so be on the lookout. 

What Minda is reading now:


  • Tiger Queen by Annie Sullivan – A retelling (I know, another one but I’m really into them rn) of the famous short story, “The Lady, or the Tiger.” Honestly haven’t read it, but I saw her panel on YA females in power at ALA and added it to the list!
  • Gravemaidens by Kelly Coon – Received the ARC on Netgalley dropping in Oct. It’s a duology featuring three women, one of whom is determined to save her sister from death. Looking forward to starting.

Linz’s Update:

Whyyyyy the fuck did I host two book clubs this weekend?

What Linz read:


  • Swipe Right for Murder by Derek Milman – I’ve been seeing this pop up a LOT on social media, probably because ARCs abounded at BookCon. I’ll be reviewing, so I don’t want to say a lot, but  It’s kind of like The Fugitive, featuring The Gay Agenda.
  • Brazen and the Beast by Sarah MacLean – I did NOT care for Wicked and the Wallflower, but Ginny is a fan of her books and told me to give MacLean’s latest book a shot. I didn’t care that much for this one either tbh. MacLean’s writing isn’t bad by any means, but I think her style of romance novels just isn’t for me.
  • The Beholder by Anna Bright – Boy will I ever be reviewing this alt-history debut novel about a girl who needs to find a husband to become the next leader of her people.

What Linz is currently reading:


  • The Heartwood Crown by Matt Mikalatos – awwwwwwww this book. Loving this sequel to The Crescent Stone
  • We Regret to Inform You by Ariel Kaplan – an overachieving high school student gets rejected from every single college she applied to, and she’s left struggling to figure out her next step. I already hate this book in the best way – it takes place in DC, and the mother and daughter share a car to school/work, and my PTSD is kicking in from the memories of learning how to drive on the Beltway with my mom.

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

Sam, Melinda, Linz, and Ginny

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