Drunk Review: The Lost Plot by Genevieve Cogman

the lost plot

The Lost Plot by Genevieve Cogman

Reviewed by Ginny!

What I drank prior: Wine! Sam went out and bought a buttload of wine for a variety of reasons and we went theough 1/6th of it tonight while qatching Brooklyn 99.

Spoiler-free Overview: mmmmm. So stuff is going down between the Fae and the Dragons when a high powered dragon dies. The queen of that area sets two of her own on tasks to see who will take their place. One of the Dragons approaches Irene to warn her that a librarian is helping the other dragon whoch IS AGAINST THE RULES. Which awesomely means that Irene is gonna go fuck some shit up! She ends up being a faux-mobster in 1920s era New York. And its fabulous. Blah blah blah drama happens and theres a showdown. (Editor’s Note: Ginny has reviews for almost all of these books, The Invisible Library and The Masked City and the third one which hasn’t been posted at the time this review was written)

Spoiler-free Thoughts: and that showdown is fucking awesome. This book is unabashedly fun. Irene and Kai are split up for a decent amount of the book which I surprisingly didnt hate

Characters: well Obviously Irene and Kai are in this. There are three new dragons of note. The two competitors and one od their right hand men. Plus a new lubrarian and a whole host of new humans that live in the world that had the contested book. There was a lot od growth for both Irene and Kai. She comes to the realization that Kai relies on her a little too much which flows nicely to the rest of the book.

Plot: mmmm i love a good speakeasy and this was the perfect setting for one. The book deals with a lot of politics between the librarians and the dragons eith a little bit of 20s heist town in and Im not doing s great job explainjng this right now. The plot was fun. There were a bunch of twists and tuens as you might expect od this series. I didnt quite see parts of the end coming. One part 2as obvious but I was pleased that I was right!

Writing Style: awesome

World Building: Holy shit the world building. Every book in this series does a great job of building on whatever is already there while adding new worlds to explore. Cogman uses the base camp world as a way of making the other worlds evem more realistic by comparing and contrasting them. Evem with the knowledge that yhey are in a gangster run New York, the descriptions of what normal people were wearing helped solidify everything.

What to pair it with: A Gimlet. Something old fashioned that would still be tasty even with illegal alcohol thats still classy as fuck.


COMMENT DOWN BELOW: i just want more. Did I miss anything (im sure I did) if so let me know

– Ginny

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