Top 5 Wednesday: Collectibles on Bookshelf

It’s Linz, and this week, I’m writing about the top 5 collections on my bookshelf. I don’t know about you, but there is an order to my madness. In my guest room, I shelve all the books I’ve read and want to keep, and this way guests can borrow one more easily. In my office, I keep a shelf that’s my TBR, but also other collectibles, because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Without further ado, MY COLLECTIONS (which can also be viewed on our Instagram account).

  1. The Harry Potter collection:I mean…self-explanatory. I didn’t know about Harry Potter until book 3 had come out; when I got the first three as as birthday gift from a VERY kind friend. Now I’ve got the whole series, Cursed Child, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard…in addition to my Hermionie and Dobby Funkos. (My time turner, sadly, is out of commission at the moment.)
  2. The signed books shelf: God I love physical books, and nothing is more dear to my heart than a books signed by an author I love. I actually suspect I have more signed books than what’s currently on the shelf, but it’s hard to remember because…
  1. Fave fave fave authors:I mean who can pick just one, but I have two whose works I’ve unintentionally and accidentally kept gathering – Dorothy Parker and Neil Gaiman. Parker is one of the few short story authors I tolerate and whose work holds up for me–and fun fact, she wrote “A Star is Born.” And Gaiman’s work is just beautiful fantasy literature; I stopped reading the Sandman series because I don’t want to get to the end.
  1. Bookmarks: this is an ever-evolving collection because I’m constantly losing them. I’m reading a hard copy of Tigana for book club/Tome Topple/Owlreadathon and I’m straight-up using my Hello Kitty sticky tabs as bookmarks for that. But I keep promising myself that THIS month is the month I don’t lose any more *stares forlornly as Owlcrate bookmark that will be lost by May*.
  2. The signed bag:technically it’s not the shelf so much as hangs off it. I started getting my library book card-inspired bag signed in 2016, and it’s made it through JoCo cruise, multiple BookCons, two Nova Teen Book Festivals, a DragonCon. I’ve already bought another one to start at this year’s BookCon.

tote bag.jpg

So what’s on your shelf?



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