Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Place You Would Take a Date

Hey Boozers!

Top 5 Wednesday is a meme moderated by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes!

This week’s T5W brought to you by Ginny!

After doing the last one sober I decided to do this one… not-sober.  I kind of wish this included actual places because Spacebar is literally my favorite place on earth (I’m a sucker for grilled cheese, tater tots and beer)

beneath the sugar sky

  1. Suki’s world from Every Heart A Doorway: This place is made of candy. The ocean is basically soda, and yet logical rules don’t apply.  Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t stay there long (my brain would implode) but it doesn’t change the fact that a world where everything is delicious sounds like a pretty solid date.
  2. The Library from the Invisible Library: The whole point is that the library leads to a bunch of different worlds. Imagine how much fun it would be, on a date, to choose a random world, get dressed and explore.  I can imagine getting a coffee and people watching, riding on a Zepplin or sleigh depending on the world.  It would be basically endless fun as long as you don’t accidentally cross the mafia or werewolf mafia.  Although to be more specific, I’d want to go to the High-chaos Venice from the second book.  It’s basically Mardi Gras every day.  It would be a blast of a date.
  3. Can I add in movies? I’d want to be in the “Be Our Guest” scene from Beauty and the Beast.  It would be so fucking magical to take a date there and then act like it was all completely    My date would be gobstopped and meanwhile I would mess with them being like, ‘yeah this is a normal Wednesday.’  God that would be fun.
    be our guest
  4. What the ice cream store from Harry Potter? That place.  Magic ice cream!
    Exploring diagon alley?  Buying a fucking monster cat a la Crookshanks (sidenote, that is a horrible name for a cat, Hermione, rename that thing.  Make its name less sad).  But yeah, I imagine the people watching in a wizarding alley is going to be better than people watching anywhere else.
  5. The fucking good place from THE GOOD PLACE: I imagine Janet answering all the dumb questions so that we don’t’ have to google anything (why yes I know the answer to what movies ______ actor has been in), we get froyo that tastes like having a full phone battery, and also Chidi is really attractive. Don’t get me wrong, in this situation Chidi is my date.  I would listen to him talk about philosophy.  And that’s saying something, there’s a level of bullshit introspection that I super don’t get, but I think that would be fun.

I’m sure I missed some things, let me know where you would want to take a date.

– Ginny

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