Drunk Post – Book to Movie Adaptations

I’m writing this because I literally have Harry Potter on the tv in front of me.  I want to talk about book to movie adaptations.  The thing that makes or break an adaptation is whether or not literally anyone involved inthe movie understands the source material.  There had been great movie adaptations, and some really shitty movie adaptations (cough cough fucking Eragon deserved so much better cough), so I’d like to take a moment to talk about some of my favorite movie adaptations.  While Harry Potter is on my tv right now I’m going to ignore those – it feels too easy and I feel like each movie would need to be judged separately.

  1.  The Martian – I know I’ve mentioned it at least once, but I freaknig love this book.  While I have at least an opinion or two on things the movie decided to change that I felt was unnecessary, the movie is super solid.  It perfectly shows off the determination to live and the lengths a group of people will go to do the right thing.  It so perfectly captures the spirit of the book that I really can’t say anything bad.
  2. Twilight – Okay, these books and movies get a lot of shit.  And dont’ get me wrong, the books definitely push forward some fairly harmful sterotypes and general knowledge (please don’t pretend that someone watching you while you sleep without your knowledge is sexy… it’s not.) but it doesn’t change the fact that everyone in this movie seemed to understand exactly what they were working on.  All the actors seemed to perfectly embody the spirit of what they were doing.  Kristin Stewart perfectly acted outthe blandness of Bella, Whatshisname is on tape talking about how unnecessarily pretentious his character is.  The dad is super into it, the background characters seem to know they’re background characters and fulfill that role as perfectly as the two-dimensional characters in the book did.  They might not be good movies but they sure as shit followed the book.
  3. Fight Club – I know this one might get some comments, but for a book that is perfectly about how toxic masculinity is causing problems withint our society, the movie does a great job of capturing the feeling of the book without necessarily following the script by the letter.  Keep in mind, most times I wisht he movie followed the book exactly,  but the movie decided on a different ending, one that caused a lot of damage and chaos that even the author has described as being better than the book.  That being said, I wish this movie/book hadn’t been taken over by the herd of people who like to ignore the themes about toxic masculinity and actually believe that Tyler Durden is the person to emulate.  That guy was batshit crazy and makes for a good movie but would bemiserable to know.  That being said, it’s a solid movie and a solid book.  Just make sure you read the subtext.
  4. Hidden Figures – Yet again, this movie doesn’t get everything about the book right.  Movies like to have that moment you can point to that was the turning point, that movie doesn’t exactly happen in real life.  The book shows a lot more of the subtle moments on fighting like removing the ‘colored’ sign off of their lunch table, includes a larger cast of women who were complete badasses and just a lot more information in general.  That being said, the movie perfectly captured the spirit of the time.  The women in this movie are an inspiration, they work so hard and deserved so much more than they received.  Some of it might be how much I love movies about space and learning about the history about it.  But this movie is definitely one of the best adaptations and I could watch it day in and day out.

I’m gonna be signing off soon, cause I’m tired and want to be in bed.  Also I don’t feel like thinking of more book movie adaptations that I have enough to say anything about.  There are plenty of bad ones (oh god, so many bad movies) but that’s for another post.

Feel free to tell me about one of your favorite book adaptations.  And happy reading!

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