HUNGOVER REVIEW: The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy

the perfect mother.jpg

The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy

I’ve tried writing this review drunk on rose, and I’ve tried writing it completely sober, and now I’m trying to write it hungover. I’m just so meh on this book.

The gist is the infant son of a woman in a Brooklyn mommy group is kidnapped, and secrets get revealed

The characters were supposed to be so DIFFERENT with these SECRETS, but I had an impossible time keeping them all straight because they were so unmemorable, they kept blending together. There was one from the South with a shitty mom and one who was British and COOL and one who was Mommy chic and then the one whose kid gets kidnapped and theres a Dad in the mommy group and other moms that get passing references?

I could not have cared less about any of their stories, so when the twist drops….eh? And wow did I not see that twist coming, in that the clues were SO misleading the twist came out from the parking lot of the stadium and bounced into left field.

And all throughout these details keep getting dropped, but nothing happens. Like, marriage problems are introduced for the Dad, and then…Nothing ever comes of it, not even as a red herring. Just all these details we never hear of again.

Its effectively one of those “if you loved Gone Girl, you’ll love this!” books, but here’s the thing–if you’ve read Gone Girl, you know there’s a twist coming in these books, and it’s never gonna be as good as you want it to be. And the Gone Girl twist was never whether Amy was dead, it was about the depths of how awful Amy and Ben Affleck were to each other. (And I know that wasn’t the character’s name, but after knowing how gross Affleck is, I can’t not just think of the Gone Girl dude just as Affleck.)

So unmemorable characters, meh plot twist, pointless details. Was not thrilled.

What I gave it: 2 stars

What I would pair with it: what do hipsters drink? Is it still tecate?



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