DRUNK REVIEW: Gunslinger Girl by Lyndsay Ely

gunslinger girl.jpg

Gunslinger Girl by Lyndsay Ely

C A P S CAPS CAPS CAPS we watched hockey and the Caps won and for once a DC team didn’t shit the bed. Also there was beer. and shots. tomorrow is going to be tough stuff.

anyway, so I read this book about a teen girl, Pity Scupps, who learned how to be a hella good shooter from her now-deceased mom, and who’s on the run after her garbage monster dad sells her off. She ends up in the vegas-esque Cessation, where she finds friends, fame, and some mad high-level drama.

Alright so this universe. I’ve gotta be honest, if I hadnt reread the Goodreads synopsis, I would NOT ahve remembered this book is supposed to take place after a second Amer Civil War. I read this like alt univ Old West with modern tech (like solar cells) and a past civil conflict that’s sometimes referenced? Like it’s so Old West that I kept getting caught off guard by references to elevators.

I think I didn’t phrase the civil war part right. its referenced a fair amount– Pitys mom was part of the losing side, and there is def a lot of dischord from people who suffered, but I wish I understood the politics behind the war better.

as for characters, I actually really like Pity. shes for sure flawed and far from perfect, and I get her motivations. The other characters? Pitys boss Selene is a stone cold badass boss, but i never felt that invested in anyone else? I do love that Pity makes multiple friends and builds relationships (and they’re not all just boys).

I dont really have a lot more to say? this was just meh all around for me. pacingwise, like 70% was a self discovery story and the last 30% was alllll action and reveals that prob could have been better placed earlier. the ending was set up pretty well for a sequel, but we’ll wait and see if I read it.

what i rated this – 3 silver bullets

what i would pair it w – whisky is old west, right? but I think a slightly sweet bourbon makes more sense.



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