GUEST POST DRUNK REVIEW: The Glass Spare by Lauren DeStefano


Our very good friend Dana from our local book club wrote a drunken review!!

the glass spare

The Glass Spare by Lauren DeStefano

What I drank before…
Two friends were celebrating their birthdays with a Nemesis tournament (21 cup beer pong). For the most part I kept getting paired with all the good players who were making shots, so essentially a TON of Coors Light. I was a tad dehydrated before and the significant amount of beer did not help with that. I did manage to make 10 cups one round though, so go me.

Plot Overview… 
Wil is the fourth in line to the Throne and the only girl in the family. Her mother was a gypsy and immediately when she was born, she was different. Her brothers are all vastly different and the two she is closest to are Owen and Gerdie. Owen, the first in line, to the throne is everything you’d expect – dutiful and ready to step in for his father. Her brother Gerdie is a combination of an alchemist, tinkerer and inventor. Wil serves as a spy for her father, the King,  and takes on piratey ways to help Gerdie get what he needs to continue to create items. When threatened one time, a power is unleashed and she can turn items into gemstones. Think Frozen with Elsa. Her brothers try to protect her, but after an incident, she’s banished by her father.

Kind of a combination of Frozen with a tinge of Throne of Glass overbearing royal kings (though not cursed themselves…at least I don’t think so) with some fun Sci-Fi elements and a cute romance thrown in. The beginning started out well with the imagery and describing the world they were a part of, relationships of the characters, etc, but in the middle it slowed WAY down and made me wish for more excitement. There was some of the YA predictability that was nice.


She flees, still uncertain of her power, and tries to find a marveler to cure her of this “curse” and finds adventures along the way. She meets a love interest who happens to be a fellow royal who was banished by his own father and cursed as well, but in a different way. He disagrees with the way his father rules and is attempting to right that wrong. There are a lot of parallels between the families and Wil decides to pair up with him.
Things I enjoyed:
-The relationship between Wil and Loom (the handsome prince from the Southern Isles). It wasn’t a traditional meet cute and the romance built.
-The secrecy of who she was…the daughter of the King with whom they’re at war
-Her family still thinking of her and keeping that piece in play
*********END SPOILERS************

This was picked up at BookCon 2017 from Epic Reads and was a solid read that did leave me wanting more. I’m looking forward to the second book, but hope the pace picks up in the middle.

This book comes out on October 24th and you can get it here.

4 stars on Goodreads. This would have been higher if it hadn’t taken forever to get to the good stuff in the last 50 pages.

What Drink to Pair It With…
Prairie Fire Shots. It starts off pretty exciting and pulls you in with the concept, but then you have to wait a while for it to kick in and some of the foundation laid comes back to hit you in the end.

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