DRUNK GUEST REVIEW: Invictus by Ryan Graudin



We have us a guest post by Linz! Thank’s Linz!

Invictus by Ryan Graudin

What i drank: beer, mostly southern tier pumpkin ale. So basic. Im ashamed.

I read the back of this back at bookcon and like …. Guardians of the galaxy with dr who? I dunno, the last last few seasons of dr who werent selling me at ALL. And this sounds so poppy, ugh but it’s a freeeeebie.

And then I read the prologue before bed to pass out… mistake. an hour later I was forcing myself to put the book down.

It’s so good, you guys. So good. We’re I to compare this to anything it’s ya ocean’s 11, with more ladies. And more time travel. Basically Far McCarthy -our protag wants nothing more than to be a  time traveler, and gets completely screwed at the last minute, and a shady figure steps in to give him a second chance at his dream. And then holy moses?

That sounds so simplistic but its not it’s soooooo goddamn good.

  •  I read a book recently that used a lot of creative whimsical turns of phrase. I wanted to punch myself in the face, bc it was so MUCH qurik, and it was forced and sacrificed soooo much grammar. Graudin uses the right amount of slang and quirk to add levity and world building. Fex and Crux are no Zetus Lapetus but what is
  • While far is the protag, there’s a lot of we’ll balanced pov bouncing between some pretty well described characters
  • I have never wanted gelato more in my fucking life. Honeycomb gelato better be a goddamn thing.
  • I’m a sucker for costume changes
  • graudin’s ability to transport you into these historical scenes…wow. just wow. And that’s apparent from the getgo, bc we start in ancient Rome and it’s so spot on and shit, I’m going to end up reading this again this month aren’t i.
  • alright I just stopped to watch some dr who and I get it I get it, but I still think they’re a little off w the marketing, I think this book is so it’s own thing, or maybe it’s more of a 10th dr story than a 12th dr…but I digress

This comes out TODAY so go get it here.

What I would pair it w: Mmm great question. There’s a lot of callbacks to ancient Rome but wine feels too chill for the pace. I went to Italy last yr *humblebraaaaaag* and had this creamy limoncello, it’s light and fun, so yes that pairing.

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