Parker’s Booziebookathon TBR 2017

I’m wild (wild thoughts) excited for #booziebookathon on TOMORROW, and even though I’m having wild (wild) anxiety about life rn, I’ve managed to plot what I’m reading and how I’m gonna defeat the Huns- er, these challenges.

I’m taking a different tack from the bookathon I did in may, and I won’t spend my hours pounding through much Epic fantasy; instead I’m going to try to eat as many full works as possible. Ostensibly le list is like:

Saga #3-end by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples (Book w/ a romance aka wine)(graphic novel aka tequilaaaaa uy uy also I might separately read Persepolis for this bc I saw it on Ginny’s shelf uy uy ¡orale!)

Gathering of Shadows– V.E. Schwab (book w/ competition aka brewskies; book in another country aka vodka; book with pirates aka rum)

Map of Time – Felix Palma (book set in the past bka whisky)

Shadowshaper and Shadowhouse Fall – DJ Older (middle grade aka Smirnoff shawty, nahmean)

White Boy Shuffle – Paul Beatty (book with a mythical creature aka absinthe),

Ancillary Sword– Ann Leckie (is just a cool ass book I’m looking forward to reading, so I’ll have one of everything, please).

I think I’m hitting all my challenges (if only bc some books are hitting multiple targets, hehe, #tactics) and tbh I’m mostly excited to kick it with the willreadforbooze team. And quaff copious cups of quit-caring, amirite?!

(Editor’s Note: See our announcement post here! We’re excited for you to join us tomorrow!)

Till Saturday, dorks.

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