Ginny’s Boozy-bookathon 2017 To-Be-Read!

Hey guys, I clearly stole this format from Sam, and we have very different ideas on how boozy is supposed to be spelled.  Womp womp womp.

Will Read for Booze is hosting its inaugural #Booziebookathon on July 22nd! See our announcement post HERE for details and such.

Here are the challenges, and my TBR.

  1. Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples
    This is a graphic novel that I’ve only heard good things about.  Straight up, the people at my comic book shop (because of course I have one, and I take full ownership of it) rave about this book.  It’s one of the ones that they suggest to pretty much everyone (of a certain age, I believe there’s a ‘graphic’ nature though I haven’t read it yet so I’m not sure)Challenges met: Wine and Tequila (interest mix, that)
  2. Apprentice Witch by James Nicol
    Sam literally just read this and absolutely loved it.  Basically she was the one who suggested that I read this, and I definitely trust her opinion at this point in time.  It sounds like the main character is a witch who hasn’t done so well on her tests and ends up going on an adventure because of it.See her review here

    Challenges met: Smirnoff Ice and Absinthe

  3. Looking for Group by Rory Harrison
    This is yet another book that I got from Sam (anyone noticing a trend here).  She got this in a box and it sounds like it could be up my alley.  A contemporary novel about a kid with cancer who appears to be in remission.  He plays a lot of World of Warcraft, and has a crush on the girl he meets there.  Also apparently there might be a boat involved.Challenges met: Beer and Rum
  4. The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There by Catherynne M. Valente

    This is the second book in this series.  I read the first book at some point last year and it was a genuinely fun read.  I honestly don’t know too much about the sequel, but I figured now would be a great time to give it a chance.

    See my review of the Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making here

    Challenges met:
    Rum (you know, in case Looking for Group doesn’t quite cover it)

  5. Satellite by Nick Lake
    Ahhhh one of the books we received at bookcon.  It’s always nice to start to work through these.  A kid has been raised on a satellite orbiting the earth.  For whatever reason they end up on earth and are going to have to try to survive.(Editor’s Note: We will be hosting a giveaway for this book! Follow us on Twitter @willread4booze for more details the day of!)

    Challenges met: Vodka

I have no idea if I’m actually going to stick to this list, but it’s always nice to have a plan.  Hope you’re looking forward to our #BoozieBookathon as much as we all are!

Happy Drinking,

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