5 Fictional Characters I’d Like to Get Hammered With

So this is a little different. I’m working on trying to do other things. So i’ve come up with a list of fictional character folks i want to have a drink with.

What I drank prior: A whole goddamn bottle of wine and a trip to see a friend who just had a massive brain tumor removed. I’m set.

These are 5 friends (or groups of friends) i want to get hammered with.

5. Bobby Pendragon – Pendragon Series by DJ MacHale
Dude this kid has got it real. Like, he knows whats up and he just wants to fix things. But i feel like he would be super fun to drink with because he needs a super-break. like, he needs a minute to chill and i could totally give that to him. i grew up with Bobby. He’s like a brother to me. I could totally get him laid. wingman #ftw

4. Mia Corvere – Nevernight by Jay Kristoff
This chick is so cool. I feel like i could go out on a night drinking with her and she’d drink em under the table. and thats no small feat. Also, i’d love like, to see the before and after fo the crap Mia wnet through. i’d probs become bi for her

3. Fred and George Weasley – Harry Potter Series by The Goddess JK Rowling
Because duh. We’d get hammered and do all the stupid things i never have courage to do on my own.

2. Sevro au Barca: – Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown
I want to get Sevro hammered. I think he’d be the best drinking buddy i’ve ever had ever. We’d get all silly and then make fun of people and then have politcal discussions until sometime during the night eh notices how pretty i am so he tells me so. maybe not but these are all happening in my mind. IM DRUNK DONT JUDGE ME’

1. Wayne – Mistborn: Alloy Era by His Holiness Brandon Sanderson
I WANT TO HAVE A DRINK WITH THIS MAN SO BADLY. Look at one point in the series he compared a church with a bar and it was briliant. please someone see this and understnd with me. Also, who can hate the quote “I aint never died in this hat”? Who? no one. beccause no one exists who can deal with that quirkyness.


Until next time, i remain drunkenly yours,

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