Weekly Wrap-Up: May 15 – 21, 2023

Happy Monday, Boozie Book Nerds!

Sam’s Update

What Sam is Finished:

  • The Lies of the Ajungo by Moses Ose Utomi: This is a novella that I read cover to cover in a bar of all places. Basically, our main guy, Tutu, goes in search for water for his city. The Ajungo give them water but in exchange for tongues… which is gross. BUT ANYWAY, he goes to try and find water to be able to shake off the oppressors. It’s real cute and I loved it.

What Sam is Currently Reading:

  • Tress of the Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson: so basically on this planet, the moons shed these spores and if they get wet, they grow vines. This also include like… if you accidentally eat them. So they’re very dangerous. There’s not a lot of water around, but the oceans are made of these spores. Our main lady, Tress, falls in love with the Duke’s son. Duke’s son goes on a trip and doesn’t come back, so Tress went to find him. THINGS HAPPEN. Oh this is also narrated by Hoid, which is absolutely hilarious
  • The Last Hero by Linden A. Lewis: This is the finale to the First Sister series so I can’t say much about the plot, but I am enjoying it. Unfortunately, it went back to the library so I have to wait.
  • Silver in the Bone by Alexandra Bracken: This is a new Arthurian by Alex Bracken. I have been disappointed in this author’s work, but I felt the need to hate read it. The main character isn’t magic, but she’s got this brother and they steal/find stuff for people? Anyway, they get on contract to find this ring or whatever and its a competition with a dude named Emris (uh huh) and that’s about where I’m at.
  • Cooking at Home: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Recipes by David Chang and Priya Krishna – I read a review online that said this book is meant to be read cover to cover like a novel… so that’s what I’m doing and it’s actually fab. It helps that they’re talking a lot about Asian flavors (naturally) and I’ve been dying to learn more about those flavor profiles.

Ginny’s Update

What Ginny Finished:

  • A Perfect Rogue by Martin Berne: He hits her with his curricle and then makes her his sister’s companion. This book is now in my trash can. That’s all that needs to be said.
  • The Black Prism by Brent Weeks: Gavin, the prism discovers he may have a son in the land, said son is in the middle of a minor lordling trying to become king and flexing his power by killing a bunch of people. There’s also a magic system based around color. This book is hard to summarize, much less summarize well. The book was interesting and the author does a great job of writing combat and battles. That being said, I didn’t get emotionally invested so I probably won’t continue the series.

What Ginny is Currently Reading:

  • Ana Maria and the Fox by Luna de la Rosa: I’m reading this book for an online book club and it’s a really good choice. Ana Maria and her sister’s are Mexican heiresses who have been sent to London to avoid the violence happening in Mexico. Gideon Fox is a black man in Parliament who is trying to get the government to end the slave trade. This book is a wild slow burn, like very little going on but then BAM everything happens at once.
  • Will Do Magic for Small Change by Andrea Hairston: Cinnamon gets a book from her non-dead brother that tells an old tale of a warrior woman and a “wanderer.” I’m not very far in but the two different tales are both really interesting.
  • Fate of the Fallen by kel Kade: Honestly, I’m not far enough in this to give a real summary. Mathias is the popular guy with best friend Aaslo, and apparently they’re going on a quest. I do like the immediate world-building here.

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

— Sam, Minda, and Ginny

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