Weekly Wrap-Up: June 6- June 11, 2022

Happy Monday, Boozie Book Nerds!

Friendly reminder that not all lives can matter until black lives do.

Ginny’s Update

What Ginny is reading now

  • Under the Pendulum Sun by Jeanette Ng: I’m not very far into this book yet, but in the 1800’s a Fae realm is discovered. Our main character’s brother is a christian missionary who stopped responding to letters. So she travels to Arcadia to find him. The style of this is a little flowery for my taste, but I’m really interested to see where this goes.

What Ginny finished

  • Grave Importance by Vivian Shaw: This is the third book in the Greta Helsing series. Greta Helsing is a supernatural doctor and as far as I can tell, this book is about a combination of mummies dealing with some weird disease, as well as angels from a different reality causing trouble. This book was really broad, but it made sense with the way everything grew from the previous two books. Definitely a series I’d suggest.
  • Null States by Malka Older: This is the second book in the Infomacracy series and it follows some of the characters from the first book, but dealing with newly added centenals, or the areas that had only recently decided to join microdemocracy. This book was so much fun and honestly, I’m really looking forward to the third book in the series (there were some fascinating things set up about the Information system being abused).
  • Whip Smart by Melissa Febos: This book is a memoir written by a professional dominatrix. It sounded like it should be a fascinating, but honestly this book ended up being a massive disappointment. The author had such condescension for her clients and her coworkers, that even when she’s coming to some realizations, she’s still casually cruel about her time in the BDSM community.
  • Wicked Beauty by Katee Robert: This is the third book in the Dark Olympus series and follows Helen, Achilles, and Patroclus as they all fight to become the new Ares. It’s a series of athletic trials while dealing with their mutual lust, a mysterious assassin, and bullshit politics. This book was a ton of fun, and I really enjoyed the very angsty moments.

Minda’s Update

What Minda is reading now

  • Extasia by Claire Legrand – “Her name is unimportant. All you must know is that today she will become one of the four saints of Haven. The elders will mark her and place the red hood on her head. With her sisters, she will stand against the evil power that lives beneath the black mountain—an evil which has already killed nine of her village’s men.”

Sam’s Update

What Sam is Currently Reading:

  • Castles in their Bones by Laura Sebastian – in this book, there are triplet sisters being sent off to marry in to other kingdoms. They’ve been trained for one thing, to cause chaos so that their mother can take over the continent. I’m not very far in to this yet but I love this author so much so…

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

— Sam, Ginny, Minda, and Parker

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