DRUNK REVIEW: Wild Seed by Octavia Butler

Wild Seed by Octavia Butler

Reviewed by GGGinny


Goodreads Overview:

Doro is an entity who changes bodies like clothes, killing his hosts by reflex or design. He fears no one until he meets Anyanwu. Anyanwu is a shapeshifter who can absorb bullets and heal with a kiss and savage anyone who threatens her. She fears no one until she meets Doro. Together they weave a pattern of destiny (from Africa to the New World) unimaginable to mortals.

Drunk Overview: Doro has been immortal for too long and Anyanwu is a badass who can heal anything and is immortal because of that (is awesome body chemistry stuff). He wants to own her because he’s lost all sense of humanity and she doesn’t want to be owned because of fucking course she doesn’t.

Drunk Thoughts: this book takes place over so many years but honestly I got hooked as soon as Anyanwu was introduced.

  • For some background, I first tried to read Octavia Butler years ago, but it didn’t take. I tried with a different book (don’t ask me witch, it’s been over a decade) and it didn’t fit. But I’ve grown as a reader and wanted to try again.
  • And this book was such a great choice.
  • Anyanwu is such a fascinating character. The idea that she could heal herself, becoming immortal, and then used that power only to strengthen her community is so inspiring.
  • Which is what made Doro such a good foil. A character who only looks at people as fodder (he switches bodies whenever his current body grows weak and is more a spirit than a man) against a woman who loves so hard she created community is such an interesting concept.
  • That being said there are some outdated/ weird concepts in this book. A touch of incest, outdated gender norms, the way the female characters tended to submit… not my favorite
  • At the same time, I feel like each of those things is important to the book, if only to show the impact Doro has on his settlements, the way he considers the settlements in long terms of growth rather than individuals that deserve respect, and as much s reflection of the time the book was written in…
  • While the overall arc of the book didnt surprise me there were a few twists that did… and I don’t want to go into too much detail, but even as they were happening I could tell the foreshadowing was great!!!
  • Legit, even when this book made me angry, I couldn’t put it down. Not for Anyanwu than anything else. Her spirit and her strength were inspiring.
  • While I’m trying not to spoil stuff, I want to read the sequels because I believe she’ll end up winning the quasi cold war with Doro
  • The other characters were interesting because they’re ultimately short lived when compared to Doro and Anyanwu.
  • It makes them feel slightly ephemeral even while some of the characters are clearly important.
  • Thats why the breadth of time is so important, it shows how much an impact can have in the long term (especially on an immortal).
  • My biggest complaint about the book is that Anyanwu has a tendency to fight everything except Doro. I kept expecting these larhe clashes, and I understand that she is not prone towards acts of avoidable violence, but her frustration is so big that I wamted the catharsis of her fighting in whatever way she could.
  • There were a number of times where it felt like she was giving in when I wanted better for her.
  • Doro can suck an egg for all I care. Dude definitely had it rough but you reach a point where you recognize your humanity is drifting and youre responsible for deciding how to continue.
  • Without spoilers, the stuff with the dolphins ar3 super cool.
  • And also I love the little commune late in the book
  • And also the stockholm syndrome is SO real in this book.
  • But yeah, gonna read the sequel

What it Pairs With: a smoky sazerac

Rating: 4.5/5

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