Weekly Wrap-Up: July 5 – 12, 2020

Hey everyone!!

Sam’s Update

Ginny and I have begun packing and it has hit me JUST how many books I’ve acquired over the last five years. I had three boxes hiding under my bed and in my closet, several stacks of books on the floor, and four bookshelves. Packing is giving me anxiety.

What Sam Finished:

where dreams descend

  • Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles: I picked this up at ALA when it was pitched to me as Moulin Rouge meets Phantom. I needed it my life. I suggest going in to this rather blind, the story starts with a twist and it’s best that way. It’s rather slow, this book, but I am enjoying it for what it is =).

What Sam is Currently Reading:

  • Shielded by KayLynn Flanders: I am only about 10% through this, From what I can tell, this main character princess isn’t supposed to have magic, she’s had to hide the telltale white stripe of hair. Turns out she’s being sold off by her dad for troops to defend the northern border. She’s not there yet, but my take is she’s going to fall in lurve with this prince guy.
  • Nocturna by Maya Motayne: This is a Spanish-inspired fantasy story. Emil has become the crown prince after his brother was magic’d away during an attempted coups. He seems to think that he’ll be able to come back, but everyone else is like… nah. There’s the thief chick who can change her face. And the cousin/best friend who’s pissed at Emil. Anyway, BFF accidentally ingests poison, Emil makes a deal with a mysterious magic voice to save him in exchange to release the thing. Now SUPER SCARY DARK MAGIC is out in the universe, and the three of them are teaming up to get rid of it. Duh.

Ginny’s Update

I had a good reading week.

What Ginny Finished:

  • The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman: This book talked a lot about confidence; it’s history, rise to “popularity,” and the science behind it. Like a lot of books like this, I felt the last chapter was overly long, and the examples could get a little tiresome (here’s an awesome, oh wait, she’s not always confident? Who could have known). But overall I got a lot out of this book.
  • Weekends at Bellvue by Julie Holland: Man, I find myself really conflicted about this book. Julie Holland details her time working on the weekends in the Bellvue psych ward. As a warning this book uses a lot of harmful and ableist language. I find it a little hard to trust a doctor who uses that language so casually. I do think this book goes into some important lessons about the ways that mentally ill people are treated, and how everyone is deserving of respect. Just, really shocking to have that in one moment and a slur in a another.

What Ginny is Currently Reading:

  • Infinity Son by Adam Silvera: This is a world with superpowers, where the two main characters are brothers and one gets powers and the other one doesn’t. Of course the one with the powers doesn’t want them. Also they are similar to powers stolen using the blood of magical creatures… This book could definitely go some fun places. I think a lot of it will be both of the brothers learning things about themselves (how vague can I get).
  • Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha: This book is wild from the very start. I’m not super into the insta-connection, but the cast of characters is pretty interesting, and this is set in a world that had been destroyed by solar flares. Pretty light, fun stuff.

Minda’s Update

What Minda is reading now:


  • The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins – Our girl Katniss has found herself in the middle of the rebellion, whether she wanted it or not. No progress this week since we’re doing a book/movie watch thing and haven’t watched the third movie yet.

What Minda finished:

upright women wanted

  • Upright Women Wanted by Sarah Gailey – Are you a coward or are you a librarian? This near-future pulp Western is full of bandits, fascists, and queer librarians. I really enjoyed this book—the romance was cute.

Until next time, we main forever drunkenly yours,

Sam, Ginny, and Minda

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