Linz’s 2019 Wrapup and 2020 Goals

2019 draaaaaaaaaagged out for me. I think it’s because my mortgage partner and I took a major trip in 2018, and I’ll be taking some trips in 2020, but 2019 was just work and work and work and work. And I got promoted, but I think the stress has set back any progress I’ve made with my back and neck pain issues. So yeah, I’m not going to even try to look at my 2019 goals, because I’m sure there’s a ton I haven’t met.

Actually, I do remember two things from last year’s post. I did NOT learn how to make Beef Wellington yet (but I did learn how to make cheesy naan!), and I DID get really good at not forcing myself to finish books I don’t like.

2020 GOALS, nonbook

  • Stop being so hard on myself pt 1. I started getting pretty good at that in December, actually. I’m trying to be mindful to do to things I want to do, and not because someone will be mad at me if I don’t do the thing.
  • Stop being so hard on myself pt 2. I’ve always struggled with my weight, but I’ve been, like, punishing myself more in the past few years. I had a good long talk with my doctor that basically ended in “you might not lose the weight but you’re healthy and you should stay healthy.” Also Lizzo happened. So now I’m just embracing it and wearing the bodysuit I got from Stitchfix and people can deal.
  • Get better at selfcare. I really do not have a lot of free time, so doing things like PT are frustrating because I could be running errands, or doing chores, and then I don’t take care of myself and then I wake up with pain at 5 am every day of December.
  • Get better at selfcare part II. I get all these stupid bougie subscription boxes like FabFitFun and Allure’s makeup box, with all these great skincare products, and then it’s Friday night and I forget to even do a facesheet. WHAT ON EARTH. WHY AM I WASTING MY OWN MONEY SO HARD?

2020 GOALS, book stuff, which are much lighter goals

  • Actually buckle down and get some writing done. If E.L. James can get published, there is NO reason I can’t.
  • Read more graphic novels. They’re great, I’m just too lazy to go to the library.
  • Read Pachinko, because my mom bought it for me AGES ago and it just SITS there looking at me mournfully. And I can’t ever read it for things like Tome Topple because it’s not QUITE 500 pages. So it just sits there looking gorgeous and unloved. I am a monster.
  • Figure out a better setup to read hard copies of books that don’t involve my head craning down.
  • Oh God I just turned around and realized how many other books haven’t been read, I’m wrapping up this post so I can walk away from the very accusatory and judgemental bookshelf.



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