DRUNK REVIEW: Iron Gold by Pierce Brown

iron gold

A little more than a year ago, sam passed me a book and said , “p read this! It’s like hunger games on mars , and with space battles!” And i read Red Rising and was blown tf away, and I dealt with her swooning over pierce Brown’s regular looking ass long enough to get the second 2 books in the trilogy from her, and good grief, they were just as incredible.

Iron Gold picks up that mantle admirably. Its tenor is way different, as the worlds it describes have evolved, but the thrill of battle and the politics that guide them are exquisitely wrought.

It was a bit of a struggle to remember all of the previous trilogy because I read a squad of other novels in the meantime, but seeing a fucking iron rain and the way PB wrote this universe’s class dynamics and the maddening, saddening  interactions between our heroes Sevro and Darrow was world class. Watching those two figure out how to be Father’s and warriors simultaneously, gave me the feels. Hard.

Their new, just society has a shit position 10 years after the revolution and a shit plan to fix it and that is what his novel is about. We realize our heroes are fallible at best, and based on their actions, they’re probably actually fucking idiots. Brown forces us to wonder WHY our heroes are, and if they were ever heroes in the first place. There are friendships, brotherly relationships, (semi)erotic relationships and very high profile hubby and wife who beg us to consider whether or not they’re good people. We meet new loveable &  characters in the novel, who are quippy and strong and  predictable and deadly in equal measure. We watch an early candidate for favorite character get utterly fucked over and watch the fucker get fucked , himself. while all these make it “hard” to read the novel, they are what make it it most valuable to me. well, these, and pregnant victra threatening to kill and/or bang everyone in her path.

Rating: 4.38/5 whiskeys I drank in 15 minutes because I have nothing to live for and I let my team, the only friends I have, a cadre of highly trained  motherfucksers get killed to serve a shitty master

Comparison: jager bombs because it sounds cool, tastes surprisingly good, and now I finished and I can’t sleep. Fuck.

Heart-shaped hands,


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