Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by John Tiffany and Jack Thorne

HELLO!!! It’s Doctor Night…..

What I drank prior: Okay so, it’s Doctor night. But Doctor night has evolved into Supernatural night because we ran out of Doctor Who episodes. I drank something like 8 beers and half a bottle of wine. Wait… there was a shot of vodka in there somewhere.

Spoiler-free Overview:
YO. Okay so this is new Harry Potter cannon. Like, it wasn’t written by Jo, but it was approved by her. So that’s a thing. But the VERY FIRST thing you have to understand when you read this script is that it was NOT written by the legendary J.K. Rowling herself. Additionally, you have to understand it is a script and not a novel, so the plot and the backstory are tough to develop in this format.

So the main premise is that Harry’s son Albus is dealing with some crap in that he has to deal with being the famous Harry Potter’s son. This is Albus’s story, not Harry’s. There are things that happen, that are sketchy and unorthodox for the Potter family. Adventures happen. I really don’t want to spoil you because it’s such a fast read as a script that it makes it tough to describe the plot without spoiling so I just wont.

Spoiler-free thoughts:
YOUGUYSTHERESNEWCANNONANDICANTHANDLEIT!!!! Like literally, I cannot describe how excited I was to get this new book. It actually caused drama within my fam because I was the only one to pre-order and they were fighting as to who got my copy first. YOU GUYS! THERE IS NEW HARRY POTTER!

So those were my initial thoughts. Additionally, I love that this si not a HP story. His story is over. It’s time for his kids to start dealing with life.

Plot: So the plot is what you expect for a play script. There are only so many things they can explain right? Like, there are things I want to know more about, but considering the format, we (as the audience) need to udnerstand that it’s just a thing tha t we have to accept. Right? But at the same time, this story has a full plot arc. Intro, problem, problem solving, conflict, etc, etc, etc. (Please read that as EXCETERA like they do in the King and I musical.)

I really did love this book for what it was, a play. There were times where I was legit tearing up. Some of the dialogue hits you right in the fucking feels. You have to be prepared for that. Otherwise you’ll be a goddamn mess forever.

Writing Style: It’s hard to describe this because it’s a play right? So, if you get past the fact that its only dialogue I was pretty happy with ti. There are “stage directions” that help with udnerstanding what the characters are feeling at the moment and to ve completely honest…… sometimes I didn’t need them. The writing was good enough that I KNEW what the characters were thinking.

Characters: YOOOOOOOH, okay. I don’t think that the characters in this book are developed enough. But to be vompletely fair, it’s a play, i’m not sure how much room they had to develop characters. So, there are a couple I want to talk about.

1. Albus: Errybody like “Albus, no.” Albus be like “ALBUS YES.”
2. Scorpius: He’s BAE. Fight me.
3. Harry: This is a side of him that I think personally as HP fans needed to see
4. Hermione: I have some pretty major issues with this character… we’ll talk more in spoilers
6. Draco: Loved with all my soul.

*****************Spoils Below*****************

Spoiler thoughts:
Alright fine if I have to, I have a couple issues. Firstly, Harry is an asshole. Secondly, Albus is a stupid little shit. And finally, they implied that Hermione would be a shrew without Ron. Hermione is a fucking badass bitch who decided to keep to her mission when Ron got all #jeal and left. Was she heartbroken? Yes. Did she cry? Yes. Did she abandon her personality and cajones and mission because of a BOY?! ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT.

*****************End Spoilers!!!*****************

Rating: 5/5 Shots. All of the shots.

What to pair it with: A dirty shirley (a shirley temple with vodka.) because it reminds you of your childhood.

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