DRUNK REVIEW: Sisters of the Vast Black by Lina Rather

sisters of the vast black

It’s Linz, and I read the novella Sisters of the Vast Black by Lina Rather. Get ready for NUNS IN SPACE

What I drank: A vodka-based cocktail, then wine, and then wine, and then shots, and then a coconut porter? I’m writing this part after the fact and the details are a little hazy; what can I say our Christmas party gets wild.

Synopsis, from Goodreads: Years ago, Old Earth sent forth sisters and brothers into the vast dark of the prodigal colonies armed only with crucifixes and iron faith. Now, the sisters of the Order of Saint Rita are on an interstellar mission of mercy aboard Our Lady of Impossible Constellations, a living, breathing ship which seems determined to develop a will of its own.

When the order receives a distress call from a newly-formed colony, the sisters discover that the bodies and souls in their care—and that of the galactic diaspora—are in danger. And not from void beyond, but from the nascent Central Governance and the Church itself.


I knw ive said this before but i loooooove scifi-fanasy books that cover religion, whether exisiting or fictionl. I lvoe tos ee how people tacckle somehting so old world and dorp it itno a society that could possibly not   haveuse for it anymore.

This is NOT a n actiona packed book. Much like real space battle would be, the action is more suble and paced, but it doesnt lose you. Tehre’s a lot of contempation on waht’s right and wrong, and waht we do in the name of hwatever beleifs we hold. Which si a lot given this is a novella,

Nothings wasted inthe less than 200 pages, and taht esp goes for the wordlbuilding. SOOOO much is laid out and my only problem is i want so much more noq. Like, the ships. the ships are leaving cratures combied with tehc for people to use them (which, how cool a cocpent is that). how Rather tackles teh concpt of not only how these ships wourl work but how the church rewstles with how to classify this tech/animal hybird is so intersting.

There’s a whole hilstory of a fictional earth woven with the real history of the catholic chruch’s practices, and to see how many stides we potentially maid firward, including with the role of wmen in the church – but how mahy some haev taken back is veryrelatable.

OBVIOUSLy thereare a lot fo female characerrs, all badass in their won way, and theyre all aamzing, but really every charactre’ s well developed and brings soemthign to the story.

THAT ENDING THO. Im enraged there isnt more for me to read. this would make a bonkers good movie. cannot wait for more of this authors work.

honestly i don’t have a lto more to say, sine the books short, but tis was the first book i ver preodered and i have no regrests. its fresh its interesting GO READ IT NOW

What I gave it: 5/5 stars

What I’d pair it with: A Witty Comeback. It’s a cocktail that pairs a traditional alcohol like rye whisky and pairs it with something a little funky (averna amaro, an Italian herb liquor) and a little unexpected (ginger simple syrup).



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