Top 5 Wednesday: Spring Reads

OOOOO GIRL it’s an EXCITING season for new books.

the everlasting rose

  1. Everlasting Rose by Dhonielle Clayton (dropped March 5): YAAAAAAAAAAASSSS. The sequel to The Belles is here and if you haven’t read it yet you should and I cannot WAIT to see what happens next and what that little psychopath Princess Charlottes is up to.
  2. Internment by Samira Ahmed (dropped March 19): In a little-too-real “future” America, Layla and her family are put in an internment camp for Muslim Americans, but Layla fights back. I’ll probably cry my face off.
  3. Trust Exercise by Susan Choi (drops April 9): 1980s theater nerds fall in love, their teacher might be too involved in their lives, and there’s a “shocking spiral of events” that make you question what you think happened. Susan Choi was a Pulizter finalist, so this will probably be awesome.
  4. Nyxia Uprising by Scott Reintgen (drops April 16): The final installment of a spectacularly written, beautifully diverse YA scifi trilogy. We’ve got drunk reviews for Nyxia and Nyxia Unleashed.
  5. Middlegame by Seanan McGuire (drops May 7): IT LOOKS SO WEIRD AND GOOD. A guy creates twins, and plans on making them gods. I don’t know why or how but sign me up


  • With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo (drops May 7): Teen mom Emoni is trying to juggle her daughter and home life, school, and her dream of cooking professionally one day. Who needs to fight dragons and witches when real life exists, amirite?



3 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Spring Reads

    • That is something I ALWAYS struggle with. It used to be just whatever was due first, but I never touched books I owned, and then we started going to book festivals, so I tried to prioritize authors I haven’t read before, and then we got lucky(?) enough to get ARCs for reviews by x dates. This year, I told myself I have to read at least 2 books/month that I actually own, and then I started using a reading journal w a monthly breakdown of what to read that month. So far…it’s not great lol.

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