Linz’s 2019 Goals on Goals

Between work, my personal life, BookCon, and DragonCon, 2019  be a big year for me, so I’m trying to be even more organized than I already am. This could either be a spectacular success or an exercise in rabbit-hole spiraling.

Bookwise, I got a book journal planner thingy from the December Owlcrate, and maybe it’s time I give in and structure my TBR list instead of just reading whatever’s due at the library first. My other big goal is getting my 2018 BookCon books FINISHED by May. Long story short I’ve had neck and headache issues for months, so it makes paperbacks harder to read than ereaders since I need to prop them higher (#elderlife).

Blog goals and personal goals are kind of tied together. I’m trying to lose weight, and part of that has been cutting back on drinking, SO I need to find ways to be more efficient with my review writing. Boring and adult, I know.

Also on the blog goal list, if you guys are interested, I might start doing movie/tv reviews of book adaptations. Also on the personal list, I also like cooking a lot, and 2019 may be the year I learn to make pao de queijo and Beef Wellington, and the year I perfect shrub-making. If it works, be prepared to see way more food pictures on Instagram.

And that’s it for me! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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