DRUNK REVIEW: The Raging Ones by Krista and Becca Ritchie

the raging ones

The Raging Ones by Krista and Becca Ritchie

ARC alert! Thanks, Goodreads! This book comes out on August 14th and you can get it here.

What I drank: wine (rose) and wine (white) and a little cocktail (rum and slurpee. Book club got wild this month).

What it’s about: hoo boy alright. Uh, people are born knowing when they die (“deathday”) and that affects their societal standing on a planet thats always cold because we had to leave earth after climate change? So the three protagonists – Franny, Court, and Mykal – somehow dont have a deathday, and are trying to get money to buy the chance to compete for spots on a spaceship thats going … somewhere? So they can hide the fact that they have no death day. Also to hide they have a special…mental connection?

There is…a LOT going on, clearly. To the point where i forget what the spaceship’s destination originally was.


The universe they live in is actually pretty interesting, and the protags are very relatable and likeable, but holy moses theres SO MUCH BACKSTORY and so many “bonding” moments that felt explicitly written to tell us how close these people were getting. I like good worldbuilding but it’s a looooooong walk to a short drink. For example, deathdays are biologically determined, BUT society assigns social status by deathday. So as soon as youre born you’re a Babe, a Fast Tracker, or an Influential. and your last name also plays into all that, but it takes wayyyyy too long to get to these things.

speaking of last names, Icecastle? Bluecastle? Kickfall? Booooooo.

As for the mental connection, I get that they’re in each others heads all the time, but it started feeling less tension building and more redundant. I also felt that the mental connection was confusing sometimes; it was supposed to be that they could feel each others feelings and senses, but sometimes it felt premonition-y instead.




So are court and mykal gay because they’re gay or because their bond is so intense? I felt like they were genuinely into each other but thought the descriptions of their mental bond muddied rhings.

That. Ending. what the shit do you mean they’re “humans”? So have all the characters NOT looked like humanoids? or is everyone else some sort of alien that is literally a human in every way but with a deathday?

What I gave it: 2 stars

What I pair it with: oh, I don’t know, two buck chuck? it’ll do the job but it’s not really what you want.



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