Will Vote for Booze: An Interview with “Infomocracy” Author, Malka Older

Earlier this summer we sat down with one of our favorite authors, Malka Older, to talk Infomocracy, the limits and uses of governmental power, and what it’s like to have lived and worked in Washington, D.C. among, like, ten other places over the world.

But this is Will Read for Booze, people!! So we invited her to do all that at a Karaoke bar in Chinatown over rounds of Kamikazes, tequila sunrises, and Kirin Ichiban , one un-soundproofed door from congressional staffers exorcising their demons to Disney soundtracks. So, so #onbrand for us.

The resulting podcast– er, interview, er… conversation.. whatever– was a blast and a half; Malka also shared some great insight about Null States, the second installment in the trilogy (spoiler-free, despite me vamping about my favorite characters), as well as the forthcoming conclusion,  State Tectonics. 

Warm up those pipes and listen below. Then go buy her books:




2 thoughts on “Will Vote for Booze: An Interview with “Infomocracy” Author, Malka Older

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