Weekly Wrap-Up: June 21 – 26, 2022

Happy Monday, Boozie Book Nerds!

Friendly reminder that not all lives can matter until black lives do.

Minda’s Update

What Minda is Reading Now:

  • Long Past Summer by Noué Kirwan – Mikaela is a successful New York lawyer—a long way from the person she was growing up in small town Georgia. But when her past takes center stage, she has to confront a former friend and past love. And, to make matters worse, she has to win a case that pits one against the other, and they’re known to play dirty. Thanks for NetGalley for an ARC!
  • Fireworks by Alice Lin (audio) – Lulu Li is excited about her last summer before college. But her plans go awry when her old friend and current K-pop boy band superstar Kite Xu arrives back in town in an air of mystery.

What Minda Finished:

  • The Second First Chance by Mona Shroff – Dhillon and Riya were the girl- and guy-next-door—until a tragic fire changed their world forever. Now estranged, Riya is pursuing her life’s dream as a firefighter and Dhillon as a vet. Can they get past their past and rekindle what once was when they’re on such different paths? This was SUPER cute. Stay tuned for a review and thank you to NetGalley for an ARC!
  • Verity by Colleen Hoover – Author Lowen Ashleigh is reeling from her mother’s death and needs to find her next project. What falls into her lap is Verity’s husband, who needs a ghost writer to help his mysteriously ill wife finish her successful fantasy series. Naturally, Lowen moves into the couple’s mansion and starts reading Verity’s draft autobiography where she finds out things may not be as they seem. Read for a quick-turnaround book club. It was a super quick read with a lot of juicy secrets and creepiness. Curious what you think about the ending.

What Minda Put Down:

  • Extasia by Claire Legrand – “Her name is unimportant. All you must know is that today she will become one of the four saints of Haven. The elders will mark her and place the red hood on her head. With her sisters, she will stand against the evil power that lives beneath the black mountain—an evil which has already killed nine of her village’s men.” TBH I didn’t get too far, but it didn’t pull me in. Probably won’t pick back up, especially with our new post-Rowe reality.
  • Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman – When Erin, a documentary filmmaker in London, goes on her honeymoon with her recently unemployed fiancé, she expects to have a grand time. Unfortunately an incident happens that changes her life forever. Or at least I guess. This girl is just making the worst choices and is incredibly boring. I put it down at about 55% and will not pick it back up.

Ginny’s Update

What Ginny is reading now

  • Stay and Fight by Madeline Ffitch: I just started this book. But this woman goes and buys land in Appalachia to “live off the land,” gets left by her boyfriend, and invites two women and their son to join her. But the three women are kind of toxic towards each other. And straight up, I’m worried about what the kid is going to turn into. Still, this book is fascinating. I started it in the morning and only a few hours later I’m a quarter of the way through. The characters are really well built.

What Ginny finished

  • State Tectonics by Malka Older: This is the third book in the Centenal Cycle and I’m gonna be honest, I struggled with it a little bit. Reading this while the Supreme Court has been handing out bad opinion after bad opinion in 2022 was a bit painful. That being said, this book deals with a number of organizations trying to reduce Information’s power. the book ended on a hopeful note which was nice, and I think the book was worth reading, I just wish I had waited until I wasn’t so frustrated by the news.
  • Irish Dreams by Nora Roberts: I picked up this book at a super deep discount for a buy 15 books for $10 deal. I will say, it took me quite a bit to get into this book (technically two different stories), but it definitely had that point where something clicked and I got super into it. The second story was a little too focused on trying to romanticize something that seemed like it was walking the line towards abuse…. Regardless, the first book was fun and dealt with horses!

Sam’s Update

It was ALA this weekend! I picked up like 38 books that I’m excited to read. I feel reinvigorated.

What Sam is Finished:

  • Castles in their Bones by Laura Sebastian – in this book, there are triplet sisters being sent off to marry in to other kingdoms. They’ve been trained for one thing, to cause chaos so that their mother can take over the continent. I’m not very far in to this yet but I love this author so much so…

What Sam is Currently Reading:

  • The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan: this is the second book in the week of time series, and I’m trying to reread them because I love them and was struggling to read in general.
  • The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake: this is a book I’ve been seeing everywhere and I got a copy from my fairyloot. I’ve been excited to pick it up for a while. Just started today. Seems like it’s li’ke magic school and it seems like it’ll be great.

Until next time, we remain forever drunkenly yours,

— Sam, Ginny, Minda, and Parker

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